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Baby Gift Dilemma: So Your Boss's Wife is Having a Baby...

10 spectacular ideas for a baby gift your boss and his wife will love

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Baby gift shopping shouldn't be a stressful thing. Questions asked about baby gift shopping show that it can be though.

Here's an interesting baby gift question:

"Aunt Abby, I want to buy a baby gift for my boss and his wife. I want the baby present to be nice and appreciated, but not too expensive. I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm using a baby gift to get special treatment from the boss. What do you suggest?"

A definite baby gift dilemma...

I have several suggestions:

1. So nobody can accuse you of aiming for special treatment, talk with your coworkers. Maybe you can all pitch in and get one really nice baby gift.

2. Call the hostess of the baby shower and find out if there are any large or expensive items the new parents need, like a baby crib, stroller, high chair, baby swing, car seat etc. that you and your coworkers could buy as a baby gift.

3. Check the baby gift registry if there is one and make a list of the items in the registry and their costs so you and your coworkers can choose an item or several items that the couple really needs.

4. Find out what the nursery theme is and purchase artwork or other baby gifts that complement the theme.

5. Make a baby gift basket using a laundry basket, diaper pail or baby bath tub and fill it with baby essentials like receiving blankets, sleepers, baby socks, baby bath supplies, diapers, bottles, a baby monitor, a baby manicure set, or other practical baby gifts.

Did you know: Baby gifts don't have to be expensive or even unique. It's the thought that counts!

6. Buy a baby gift certificate to a specialty shop or online baby store. .

7. Look for options for personalized baby gifts like a baby quilt with the baby's name and birth date embroidered on it, a silver piggy bank with the baby's name and birth date engraved on it, a cloth-covered baby album with an insert in the cover where the baby's picture can be placed, or other special keepsake baby gifts.

8. Give a hand-made baby gift like a baby afghan or crocheted outfit or baby booties.

9. Send a sincere card.

10. Relax. If your coworkers aren't willing to pitch in on a nice baby gift, give whatever you want and don't worry about what anyone thinks.

Honestly, new parents appreciate everything ranging from cards to diapers to expensive baby gifts. What is really important is that you are sincere in your gift giving intentions when you give a baby gift to your boss and his wife.

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