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Baby Gifts: Express Your Love and Appreciation

8 fabulous ideas for baby gifts from the new dad

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Both new moms and new dads love baby gifts. The birth of a new baby can be a great bonding time for the new parents and thoughtful baby gifts from dad to mom that express your love and appreciation can make the experience even better.

Baby gifts don't have to be expensive, just thoughtful.

Also, the baby gifts don't just have to be for the baby, they can be for the mommy too!

Baby presents for the baby from dad make the mom feel like he shares in her excitement. A baby gift from the new dad to the new mom tells her that you love her, appreciate her

Aunt Abby has suggestions for great baby gifts from the new dad to the new mom...

1. Flowers

Flowers are good baby gifts from the new dad to the new mom. Women love flowers. Even if they tell you flowers are an unnecessary expense, if there is any time in your life that you should send flowers to the woman you love, after childbirth is one of those times.

2. Thoughtful words

Many times men don't express their feelings as flamboyantly as women do which can leave a woman wondering whether or not you really care even when you are just as overwhelmingly thrilled about the new baby as they are. Thoughtful words, spoken or written, are exceptional baby gifts from the new dad to the new mom.

3. Thank you cards

Believe it or not, thank you cards are great baby gifts from the new dad to the new mom. Moms go through a lot during the pregnancy, labor and delivery. Two simple words - "thank you" - are often unspoken and they really mean so much.

4. Photo frames

Photo frames that have cute sayings like "Mommy's Little Angel" with a picture of the new baby make great baby gifts.

5. Family photos

For thoughtful baby gifts, consider getting a photo frame that holds several photos. Put baby pictures of you, the mom and the new baby in it. If the baby has siblings, their baby pictures can be added as well and baby picture of the baby's grandparents can even be displayed. A generational collection of baby pictures makes a great baby gift.

6. A Family Bible

If you don't already have a Family Bible, getting one and filing in the family tree information is very thoughtful. Family Bibles are baby gifts that tell the new mom you accept and are ready for a family-centered life.

7. A Journal Book

Journal books or diaries make great baby gifts for the new mom as she can record her thoughts and events surrounding the baby's birth. The new dad can even make some entries and make it a parenting journal to express yourselves and provide your baby with a keepsake of your most intimate thoughts in regard to your new baby.

8. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets filled with things for baby or things for the new mom make great baby gifts. The new mom might appreciate a gift basket filled with bath and body products, aromatherapy candles and such to complement relaxation and pampering after she goes home from the hospital.

Get your new family off to a great start by making the mother of your child feel special and loved with thoughtful baby gifts.

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