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Need a New Born Baby Gift?

Ideas for a thoughtful new born baby gift to take to the hospital

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A new born baby gift can be very special to new parents. Most people give new born baby gifts at a baby shower, but many like to take something to the hospital when the baby is born. Aunt Abby says taking a new born baby gift to the hospital is a great idea!

A New Born Baby Gift at the Hospital...

Right after the baby is born can be the most exciting, or the most depressing time for new parents, depending on the circumstances of the delivery. At any rate, hospital visitors are usually welcomed to share in the parents' excitement or to comfort them if they are worried about their new addition. Just about any new born baby gift is appropriate to take to the hospital.

Did you know: Historically the average hospital stay after a normal delivery was 2 days and after a c-section 3-4 days. Recently, some hospitals have begun releasing mother and baby within 24 hours of a normal birth.

Aunt Abby has some suggestions for new born baby presents that are very thoughtful.

Thoughtful new born baby gifts...

New born baby gifts that keep the new mom and dad busy at the hospital can be great. New born babies generally sleep quite a bit. Dad's usually go back to work right away after the baby is released from the hospital but usually have some time off right after delivery. The hospital stay can be a great time for moms and dads to work together on something like a baby book.

They can record their thoughts about the new baby, keep notes of baby's first visitors, and can even have hospital visitors write their thoughts about the new baby in the baby book.

Baby books or journal books for this purpose are great new born baby gifts to take to the hospital and make very special keepsakes for the baby.

Baby clothes that fit the baby with matching blankets are also a nice new born baby gift. Most new moms have a going home outfit picked out for the baby before they go to the hospital but sometimes it doesn't fit because the baby is bigger or smaller than expected.

Taking outfits and blankets to the hospital as a new born baby gift gives the parents some options for going home outfits. After all, you can bet there will be lots of pictures taken of the big event.

Snack baskets decorated with new born baby gift items are always appreciated during the hospital stay. If the new baby has siblings, small gifts for them, especially things that keep them occupied, are really nice.

Reading material that is inspirational, like the Chicken Soup series of books, is also a good new born baby gift.

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