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How to Find Premature Baby Clothes

5 simple ideas for premature baby clothes

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Premature baby clothes aren't easy to find. Not all shops that carry baby clothes carry premature baby clothes but many baby specialty shops do have some although the variety of premature baby clothes may be limited.

So, what do you do if you have a preemie and need premature baby clothes?

Here are 5 simple ideas from Aunt Abby:

1. Find a baby specialty shop. If there aren't any in your area that carry premature baby clothes, you can usually find some online and order from them.

2. Buy doll clothes. Many lines of doll clothes, such as the Cabbage Patch Kids line, work well for premature baby clothes and fit preemies just perfectly.

3. Make premature baby clothes. There are many patterns on the market for preemie baby clothes. If you can find one or two patterns you like, you can make several sets of premature baby clothing from one pattern.

Did you know: Each year there are nearly half a million premature births in the United States. Even so, premature births account for less than one percent of total births. So, from a business perspective there isn't a lot of demand for premature baby clothes.

4. Alter newborn baby clothes. New born baby clothes can be altered to fit premature babies. Sometimes that is harder to do than making the premature baby clothes but it is certainly an option.

If you choose to alter clothes that are too big for a preemie, just be sure that the seams are smooth and won't rub or irritate the baby's skin.

5. Clothe your premature baby in t-shirts. Of course if you have a preemie you'll want to have some cute premature baby clothes for pictures and such, but in all reality, preemies sleep a lot, a lot more than newborns that aren't born early.

Using premature baby t-shirts or even newborn t-shirts most of the time is a good idea for premature baby clothes that are comfortable.

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